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Organization Development

Organization Development is an objectives-based approach to systems changes within an organization. We help organizations to achieve their growth plan by shaping the operational system, strategy and human resource utilization. Organization development enables organizations to build and sustain a new desired state for the entire organization. A large factor for a successful organization is the organization culture. In order to understand the organizational culture and to evaluate the positives and negatives of the working environment an evaluation method is required. This can include employee reviews, 360-degree feedback and training assessments to establish if the training provided is producing the required objectives.

Corporate Training

Human resource skills development and updating is a core element of organization growth. Companies need to adapt to the changing environment to keep up with their competitors. In a place where knowledge is evolving, continuous learning is inevitable for success. Thus, corporate training should be included in their programs. Based on a recent study, employees taking training attain 37% higher productivity rate. This proves that these kinds of programs help them become more efficient in attaining their daily tasks. In return, this affects the overall performance of the company. Firms who are taking training programs achieve “24% higher profit margin than those who don’t”. Thus, employee training and development programs contribute to the company’s success. We help organizations to identify their training needs and deliver competent training packages. The results of each training packages will be systematically evaluated and assuring the goals are achieved.

Sales & Marketing

Appropriate strategies for sales and marketing and its execution is highly required to succeed in any business. Organizations give focus on market strategy development and execution when looking to expand their total addressable market or sell a new use for existing products and services. Understanding your market is just as important as understanding your organization. It is important for growing businesses to draft a persuasive market development strategy and an effective execution plan, so that company growth and revenue will not stagnate. We provide various solutions for sales and marketing depending on the organization demands.

Technology Solutions

Over the years, technology has caused an explosion in commerce and trade. Technology also gave us greater efficiency for conducting business. Some of the areas in which technology is crucial to business including sales, management, accounting, operation and procurement and other complex aspects of everyday business activities. Technology enables us to automate numerous processes, which thereby increases our productivity. This is possible because it enables us to use fewer resources, thereby enabling us to improve on quality at a low cost and to improve the speed with which we can deliver to customers. In the process, it has become possible to serve even more clients. Technology also makes it easy to store more information while maintaining the integrity of that information. We are better able to store sensitive and confidential information in a way that makes it less vulnerable to a data breach. The information can be retrieved instantly when needed, and it can be analyzed not only to study past trends but also to forecast the future. In turn, this can help with the decision-making process. We have different types of software solutions for fulfilling the technology need of organizations.

Management Systems and Certifications

The implementation and certification of Management Systems can contribute to high international recognition. More than 1 million organizations with their Quality Management Systems certified worldwide. Management systems and certification proves the organization commitment to industry best practices and enables to stand out in the market. Implementation of the management system will ensure to control wastages and enhancing profitability. Management system makes it easier to measure performance and efficiently manage business risks. V Calibrate provides consultancy service for different management systems and its certification.

Finance and Audit consultancy

Right finance management is the key element of any successful business. Proper budgeting and accounting will ensure growth and development. Our Finance Advisory professionals are highly capable of providing competent solutions for your finance and accounting requirements. We assist to enable technologies to help you capitalize on opportunities that will help grow, improve and protect your business constantly. We assess your current financial health by examining your business performance and helping you to strategize a plan to ensure you are meeting the expected targets. You can choose the best and suitable services as per the growth plan of the organization.

Business set up services

Our expert team will assist you in launching your business on the right path. We will guide you for the cost-effective better options to start your business in the UAE.

Educational services

Developing qualified and skilled candidates as per the market demands is the major challenge. By providing various consultancy and training services we make sure the educational sector is attached to the existing market and understanding the market trends, requirements and helping students to improve their skills accordingly.